Light of Christ in all the Nation

Pin_World Royal Mission London

  • Pin_World Ministries Limited
  • Pin_World Dioceses Limited
  • Pin_World Travels & Tourism Limited
  • Pin_World Banking Solution Limited - Malaysia
  • Pin_World Enterprise's International
  • United Christian Congress International

Future Registrations:

  • Pin_World Film Production Limited
  • Pin_World Marketing Limited

Pin_world ready to serving world, making world. Pin_world royal mission london ready to make job opportunities around the world and built christ jesus kingdom worldwide. church establishment, church construction fund, christian small business loans, international leadership conferences, investors conferences, study conferences, healing conferences is our part of the mission.

We are ready to give a lot of opportunities to our members.
Thank you. soon will register with us. Amen.

Our Vision

Our Vision is ready to start businesses and universities worldwide

Our Mission

Our Mission invites deposits from worldwide. Every deposit holder could get double payments within deposit periods.

Our Beliefs

We could assist our members and deposit holders, uk visitor visa, conference visa, sponsor visa, study visa with work permit.